Pole Dance Fitness

Pole Dance Fitness

Now it is finally possible to gain that perfect figure by having fun. A step-by-step beginners guide to the art of pole dancing. Pole Dance Fitness is the latest way to tone up, feel confident and have fun. Presented and choreographed by Sarah Davis, who

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Complete Pole 6 DVD Box Set - Beginner to Advanced - Starring 2013 US National Pole Champion Sergia Louise Anderson

Complete Pole 6 DVD Box Set - Beginner to Advanced - Starring 2013 US National Pole Champion Sergia Louise

Complete Pole is the ONLY instructional series available today to feature ALL variations of Pole Dancing and Fitness. Feel stronger, sexier and have fun learning artistic pole dancing! Enjoy learning from industry champions and artistic masters! 'Complete Pole' is an instructional DVD series developed to teach beginners, intermediate and advanced students a variety of pole dancing and fitness techniques. You will be entertained and challenged with easy to understand and professionally filmed content. Start your pole dancing adventure today!DVDs include:-Classic Pole Movement-Contemporary Pole Movement-Tricks and Trick Combos-Strength and Flexibility Conditioning-Chinese Pole with Steve Gale-Chinese Pole with Jacob 'Kujo' Lyons

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Intimacy Spa - Sensual Pole Dancing DVD and CD Set

Intimacy Spa - Sensual Pole Dancing DVD and CD

SEXY MOVES YOU CAN LEARN AT HOME! Get a great workout while performing this seductive new style of dance. Watch real couples experiment with this modern form of seduction! Experience increased confidence in your body image and appreciate your feminine curves as you use your body to the max. Convert any room of your house into your personal pole dance parlor with moves that will turn your man on and spice up your relationship! **Enticing Positions **Seductive Tricks **Transition Variations **Sizzling Choreography Routine **Freestyle Performance by a Pro

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Striptease Series: Advanced Pole Dancing & Fire (exotic dancing)

Striptease Series: Advanced Pole Dancing & Fire (exotic

Have you mastered all the moves in Fawnia Mondey's Pole Work Volume 1? Have you yet to be impressed by an exotic dancer's pole moves? Exotic Dance superstar Fawnia Mondey leads the instruction on over 20 extremely advanced pole moves, demonstrations of strength on the pole and floor, incorporating fire safely into your show, instruction on how to perform with poi and fire, and impressive acts of contortion. The DVD also features performances by Fawnia and the three demonstration artists: Tammy Morris, Natasha Bird and Kelly Kayne.

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Pole Dancing for You

Pole Dancing for

Ladies, get ready to start the hottest workout today! Join millions of every day women who have discovered exotic dance as a source of both mental and physical empowerment. This DVD series is designed for women of all ages, sizes and dance experience. Professional dance intructor and creator, Edith Aboul-Hosn, has taught celebrities and every day women all over the world. And now she will guide you step by step and help you achieve all of the following from the comfort of your own home: -Intense toning of core (abs), arms, glutes, legs and every muscle in your body. -Empower yourself with renewed confidence and self-esteem. -Spice up your relationship. -Improve your self-expression. -Learn beginning and advanced moves at your own pace. This DVD includes: -Walking around the pole with proper posture and elegance. -Sensous curvy moves around the pole. -Pole poses and resting. -Creating momentum to spin -Elegant pole spins. -Gripping poses. -Inverted tricks. -Horizontal tricks. -Climbing the pole. -Bringing it all together to create your own performance at home And more...

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Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing

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Pole Dance 101 DVD Vol. 1

Pole Dance 101 DVD Vol.

You just got your new pole! Now what? Learn the basics. If you are brand new to pole fitness, Pole Dance 101 is just for you. This DVD covers topics such as pole installation before starting your workout, including appropriate training attire and grip aids. Next, Pole Dance 101 leads you through a proper warm up session, simple floor work exercises, and a fun follow-along pole dance combination with basic spins and dance moves. This DVD also includes strength training exercises, and a fun follow-along pole dance combination with basic spins and dance moves. This DVD also includes strength training exercises and final col down stretches. Get started with a fun, challenging and sensual new workout at home!

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Advanced Pole Dancing - Instructional DVD

Advanced Pole Dancing - Instructional

If you practice pole dancing, but do not want, or cannot afford to have professional lessons, and you want to learn more complex moves, this DVD will prove to be a must have! The pole dancer on the DVD will take you stage by stage through various climbs, spins and poses.

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PoleCats I: Beginning Pole Dancing

PoleCats I: Beginning Pole

This DVD includes: - Strength training and conditioning for beginners. - Basic safety and injury prevention tips. - Basic Exotic Dance moves. - Introduction to Pole Dancing. - Over 20 beginner spins and pole dance transitions. - Basic climbing and inverting techniques. - 3 choreographed beginner level pole dance combinations. Based on the increasingly popular PoleCats classes in Los Angeles, PoleCats I: Beginning Pole Dancing will take you to the next level of Pole Dancing. Why? Because unlike any other pole dance classes and instructional Videos/DVDs, you will learn not only individual pole tricks and transitional moves, but you will then learn how to put them together into three different pole dance routines. Thereby, inspiring your creativity and bringing your pole-dancing abilities to a whole new awareness.

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Pole Dancing Combo DVD from Pole Addiction

Pole Dancing Combo DVD from Pole

Pole Addiction has now combined their Home Party and Beyond DVD and their Beginner/Intermediate DVD into a combo pack. You get all of our signature moves on a two DVD combination package.

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Pole Dance Workout for Beginners Subscribe http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD There’s a lot more to pole dancing than meets the eye. Not limited to strippers anymore, this form of dance is a great way to get in shape, and get in touch with your feminine side. However, you need to know the right technique to ...

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There are so many amazing beginner moves, spins and holds out there. I love them all, but wanted to share my favourite 10 beginner moves with you. If you're new to pole, it can be difficult to tell how hard pole moves are, and which are a suitable level for you. While I say ‘beginner pole moves’...

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In this episode of 30 Days to Greatness, Azadeh learns just how much upper body strength it takes to be a pole dancer. Watch her learn how to pole dance in 30 days. Still haven’t subscribed to Glamour on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2gYlQqe ABOUT GLAMOUR Glamour is for the woman who sets the d...

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Pole Dance Tricks: Beginner Level

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10 Tricks Every Beginner Poledancer Should Learn: - Chopper with straight legs - Chopper with bended legs - Basic Climb - Air Invert - Air invert with straight legs - Lean back - Outside Leg Hang - Superman - Plank Variation - Slingshot There are so many people, who are always asking me, why I ...

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Pole Dance Moves - Beginner Level - Spinning Pole

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I decided to film a refresher of pole dance moves for my beginner students in order they can practice these exercises at home. Basic Pole Dance Beginner Level Moves: Steps Around Step Around with Back Hook Back Hook Front Hook Attitude Carousel Chair Cradle Fireman Dolphin Fan Kicks Side Spin ...

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