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Dancing is generally recognized not only as a hobby or a way of spending free time, but also as an art of expressing feelings and thoughts. It is rather difficult to define its meaning in one word, because dancing is like a lifestyle, an air, or a miracle cure for real connoisseurs.

Dancers don’t feel the stream of time while mastering their turns, trying to obtain perfection in the right movements, and training until their bodies become weak. Each person passes a great scope of difficulties in a desire to make a step from practice to performance and gain a success. One of the most significant factors in achieving popularity is the appearance of the dancer.

It is the dancewear that completes the whole image of the performance and adds some individuality to the participant. Moreover, special clothing items become useful during coaching courses, because it is impossible to train wearing uncomfortable shoes or other apparel items. When something else prevents you from feeling easiness, your training becomes useless.

Dancewear Outlet Online Store

For these purposes, our outlet store was created, and we are eager to provide our customers with fabulous dancewear of the highest quality and at the lowest prices. We do everything possible to satisfy our customers.

That is why our team always listens to our clients’ suggestions strengthening our collaboration and providing the customers with more affordable solutions in dance apparel that works as hard as they do.

We understand the mystery of a dance, as we are devoted to creating dancewear that looks harmonious either during your worship performances or everyday trainings. The flex system of discounts helps our customers to purchase everything with a great pleasure.

Anyway, we provide both new and old collections, so you will always have a good choice and a wide price bracket. We analyze our customers’ needs trying to dress them well, creating their individual appearance and style that won’t disappoint anybody.

Secret of Success

We constantly care about the quality and this is the hallmark of our company’s philosophy. Our suppliers are the most trusted brands like Balera, Urban Groove, Capezio, Bloch, Dance Paws and other manufacturers that are generally accepted in the dancers’ world and whose names are associated with such words as “guaranty” and “confidence”.

At our outlet shop, we provide our customers with apparel that is all made from fine fabrics and leather and that won’t chafe your legs or squeeze your chest. All of our offerings are confirmed by a guarantor of quality and have a special certificate that attests the originality of the product.

So, we guarantee that our ribbons or beads won’t drop off while performing if handled properly. All apparel items and accessories are securely sewn and can bear different permissible capacities.

Furthermore, our clothes are made from hypoallergenic fabrics, as we are concerned about our customers. Under no circumstances we will allow to make a treaty with an unreliable supplier. Our clients are like a family and we always treat them properly, paying a lot of attention and pleasing them with the high-quality fashionable dancewear.

Wide Assortment of Goods

The main advantage of our online store is a wide assortment of dance clothes and accessories, ranging from dance suits and training apparel to earrings and shoes. As it was mentioned above, our catalog contains a great variety of products from the major world brands.

Every person, who makes his or her mind to purchase such apparel items at our store, will definitely feel comfortable and relaxed on the dance floor. No matter whether you are performing for the audience, practicing in the studio, or entertaining with your friends you will need a certainty in your every move. Our dazzling collections of dance wear, dance shoes, and accessories will assist you in accentuating your turns and steps.

Why To Choose Our Online Dancewar Store?

Our online store can provide the newest trends, featuring new styles of tops, leotards, dresses, skirts, and other apparel items. You can choose from a variety of magnificent dance shorts, lyrical dresses, tutus, pointes, crop tops, and leggings according to your style and goal. Likewise, our catalogue has apparel for both women and men, and even children.

You shouldn’t worry about finding knee-length socks, colorful pants, or tunics for your little dancer. Our wide assortment carries a special spectrum of dancewear for little kids of different ages, so even the most particular parents will find the needed unique costumes for their children. Certainly, the quality of dancing apparel is on the highest level.

Great Pleasure for Your Choice

We are actually ready to provide you with a variable range of dancewear in different colors and size. Each model has several variations and can be offered in the certain bright colors. Our site is made in the way, so our customers can always check on the color and available size of the needed apparel item.

For most fanciful customers, we order some exclusive apparel in a single model. Their amount is limited, so take your time to purchase such unique dancewear apparel items to express your personality and show your mastery, doing your soft movements and wearing extraordinary clothes that nobody will see on somebody else. This offering is for the true connoisseurs of the art of dance.

Brief Review of Our Products

We structured and classified our assortment in the manner that you could easily find out everything. This system won’t make you confused, as all our goods are logically divided into several groups and joined into small subgroups.

It doesn’t take a long time for you to sort our products and purchase something. Our offerings are divided into the following categories: performance, gymnastics, leotards, tights, shoes, bottoms, accessories, and children’s clothes.

Besides these ones, there is also a small category of dance styles, where all clothes of different looks and styles are united. You just choose the style (whether it is hip-hop or jazz) and then you may find a lot of clothes from flowing dresses and ballet leotards to jazz and tango skirts and accessories.

For some people, it is more convenient to search with regard to the dance trend. For those, who want to look the whole assortment of the needed item, there is a general classification. We will make a short introduction as regards to our assortment.

The Performance

You will be amazed with bright colors, graphic prints, and fluorescent fabrics of our performance dance wear. We can offer the latest dance apparel looks made accordingly to the modern technique. In addition, there also is a beautiful and versatile collection of old-fashioned wardrobe that will certainly return you into the retro times.

At our online store, you may purchase apparel items from a great variety of biketards, cascade ruffle dresses, peplum tops, sequin tunics, and others. Different colors, sizes and discounts…

There are a lot of possibilities to look stylish and great while performing on the scene or training in the studio. As it was said earlier, we cooperate only with world brands that are specialized in manufacturing dance apparel. Among them are Weissman, Urban Groove, Capezio, Bloch, Dance paws, Balera, and others.

The Gymnastics

This wear is designed to impress our customers. If you are training in the studio or gym, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to look stylish. Apart from an aesthetic function, our apparel has also a practical purpose.

If you wear uncomfortable pants or an extremely loose shirt that would bother you during your trainings, you will not succeed in perfecting your dance skills, and there is also a possibility that you may get harmed. So be confident of your apparel.

Be sure that you have right leotards, or unitards, or acro shoes in which you will feel rather comfortable. And our store has dozens shorts, shoes, and leotards performed in gymnastic styles that get high marks due to their ability to combine their usability with their beauty.


This practical part of dance wear is a must-have for any girl-dancer. Our catalog contains a special sector of these apparel items, where you can buy leotards in different colors and styles.

They can be either sweet and sassy or chic and classy. We have a rather wide range of models and designs to suit your style. We have in stock tank, halter, long-sleeved, and even turtleneck leotards.

They are made in the way to take the routine to the next level and, for example, diversify the most boring stretching with the help of bright fabrics and graphic prints. Any girl won’t resist the temptation to wear such special leotards.


We included a collection of dance tights, namely capri-tights, footed and footless tights, convenient convertibles, stay-in-place stirrups, and fishnets to our catalog.

A pair of tights is an indispensable part of your image and you may select a pair of tights that suits best to your dance costume. Also, in our store, there are seamed, body, and men tights.


While choosing dance shoes, you should be very careful. This kind of shoes is rather special, because it has a thin sole that doesn’t fetter the dancer’s movements and let the dancer feel the dance floor better.

Such shoes develop flexibility and sensitivity of the foot. You can’t use ordinary footwear, so browse the specialized section please. We sell sneakers, tap and jazz shoes, ballet slippers, pointes, and many other perfect footwear items. Likewise, you may choose either footwear for women or men and look for children shoes as well.


A separate group of dance apparel is devoted to different kinds of bottoms. We have a real collection of modern and at the same time convenient dance pants, dance shorts, leggings, skirts, and other.

Our dance bottoms will help the dancer to feel comfortable and be glad of having such trendy and fabulous pants or shorts. We may offer you shots, hip-hop pants, skirts, capri, or jazz pants.

Moreover, you may choose the needed color. Our best sellers are cotton v-waist pants, high-waisted leggings, camisole tutu skirts, and color-block harem pants. They are rather popular among our customers.


It is impossible to forget about the role of accessories that add a specific character to your dance wardrobe. If you want to look elegant on the dance floor, you should visit this section, where you will find jewelries (earrings, necklaces, diadems, stresses, and bracelets), and different outfits for your hair (hairpins, hair sliders, and elastics).

We may also offer you such additional supplements to your image as bright buttons, beads, and tapes to decorate your dancewear, making it unique. So, shop our modern collection of dance accessories, dance jewelries, dance hats, and practical dance bags for carrying your training stuff.

Our Devotion to Your Needs

Our online dancewear store is considered to be the best provider of brand dance clothing, shoes, and accessories.

  1. We provide a wide assortment of dance apparel ranging from tricky and fashionable leotards to lyrical performance dresses.
  2. Our shoes are designed by well-known brands in the dance industry and you won’t get harmed, while improving your movements or just leaping.
  3. Working with people who have a special education and long work experience, we are determined to sell the products of the high quality. The hallmark of our business is a special approach to our customers.
  4. We created a customer service and we always try to improve this system.
  5. If you want to find out whether the certain model is available or not, use an online support service and we will consult you on all questions that you are interested in.
  6. Regarding the purchasing in our online store, we must emphasize that it is rather advantageous for you.
  7. The prices are lower than in other shops and you can make an order without leaving your home.

We feel your passion for dance, that’s why we create the most versatile and chic dancewear for you. We have a big catalog, where you may easily find stylish leotards or elegant performance dresses for all dance classes.

Shop our must-have apparel items and get pleasure of the high quality and lowest prices. Feel the ministry and gift of dance and purchase our high-functioning dance wardrobe.